Links to OS/2 Resources

Welcome to the list of useful links to OS/2 resources. Useful means resources that are common, needed, and/or useful for getting a current ArcaOS or OS/2 system up and running, or keeping a current OS/2 system running today. This list can be used for easily locating the resources needed to keep OS/2 systems running well. This is not, and is not intended to be, the biggest or most complete list of links. As we all know, biggest is most definitely not best. In each section the links are listed in decreasing order of usefulness. In most cases not every individual program is listed when the program is available on a well know repository such as hobbes.

Information and Help
The official Arca Noae web site
Blonde Guy - eCS information, preloaded eCS systems, eCS license, and software subscription services.
Virtual OS/2 International Consumer Education - Home of the new PMMail. Hosts an OS/2 email list. Used to publish a nice newsletter, archives are still available here.
Southern California OS/2 Users Group
Warpstock Corporation web site
The Config.sys Documentation Project - EDM2

The official Arca Noae web site
Hobbes - A huge repository of OS/2 and eCS software
OS/2 Site Australia - another large repository of OS/2 and eCS software
OS2 Netlabs - Contains many projects. I have listed some major ones for direct access. For others use this main link. - GenMac web page on Netlabs - FTP location of GenMac files - Wlan web page on Netlabs - FTP location of Wlan files - Warpin web page on Netlabs - FTP location of Warpin files - Uniaud web page on Netlabs - FTP location of Uniaud files - FTP location of Warpvision files - FTP location of all netlabs files
Unix ports for OS/2 & eComStation
DFSee, Disk analysis, maintenance and recovery utility
PMView - A versatile and fast image view and converter
Dennis Bareis' site contains a few OS/2 tools including PPWIZARD

Developer tools
Open Watcom compiler - FTP location for the Open Watcom compiler