David's Consulting Services


Software Development

Operating systems, device drivers, system utilities, embedded systems, networks. I can code in just about anything, but I am the most proficient in C and the "C like" languages. My current interests are os/2 and unix/linux programming and coding for the iPhone. I don't want to write code for Windows.


Hardware Development

System architecture, circuit design, embedded systems, networks, ASICs, FPGAs, FCC and CE compliance. Very proficient at digital circuit design with some analog design experience.


Web Site Development

Specializing in high performance, bloat-free web sites that are user oriented, easy to use and easy to navigate. HTML, PHP, Perl, CGI, etc.



Imagine well written documents with good sentence structure, correct spelling, correct grammar, and correct punctuation. No, really, there are still people who can do that.


Technical support

Software Downloads

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