ArcaOS Tips

This page contains some important information on how to setup your ArcaOS system and keep it running reliably. These tips and tricks are based on detailed technical knowledge from the actual develpers who worked on the software.

ArcaOS Disk Setup Options

Click on this link to see some examples of how to partition and setup your hard disk for ArcaOS. Both good and bad examples are shown and an explaination of the benefits and problems with each example are given.

Managing wasteful and excessive EA buildup

There are a lot of programs available on ArcaOS that come from the Unix world. Unfortunately most, if not all of these programs are built with gcc and attach a bunch of unnecessary EAs to all the files they create. Some programs even attach these unnecessary EAs to any file they touch, whether or not the file is opened for writing. In most cases, these unnecessary EAs don't cause any harm other than taking up space and slowing things down. However, these unnecessary EAs can interfere with basic system functions. For example it has been proven that these unnecessary EAs can cause WPS failures, WPS instability, boot issues, and even complete boot failures. I have repeatedly lobbied for this issue to be fixed and these applications to stop adding these unnecessary wasteful EAs, but to no avail so far.

Therefore, since it is nearly impossible to not use these programs from the Unix world, it is prudent to regularly clean your system of the buildup of these unnecessary EAs. EaClean was written to clean a system of these unnecessary EAs (EA litter). You can download a copy here. This program has several options, but using it with the normal -c option is completely safe and will only clean the EA litter. Using eaclean with the -c option will not remove any of the necessary EAs and will not interfere with or break symlinks. Normal usage would be:

eaclean -s -c c:\*

This will clean all the EA litter recursively from all the files on your C: drive. This will NOT affect symlinks!

Normally the issues caused by these unnecessary EAs are strange and wierd. So if you have a strange problem that just looks wierd and doesn't seem to have any explanation, it's probably caused by these unnecessary EAs. Try cleaning them and your problem will probably go away. In any case, there is absolutely no harm in cleaning up your disk of these unnecessary EAs.

WARNING: The EAClean program has another option (-A) to remove ALL EAs from the files you specify. Use the -A option with care or do not use the -A option at all. Beware that removing ALL EAs (using -A) on your boot disk will break your ArcaOS system and will also remove symlink information.

Maximizing ArcaOS performance

The following tips and tricks can improve the performance of ArcaOS. You can choose to implement some of these as appropriate for your system.