Why This Web Site Works So Well

  1. Absolutely no Microsoft products were used to build this site. In fact, this site was built on an OS/2 system using native OS/2 tools. This means that the tools used to build this web site are fast, efficient, and reliable. This also means that, unlike some Microsoft programs, the tools that were used to build this site generate clean, error free pages that work.
  2. This site is not running on a Microsoft/Windows based server. This means that it is significantly faster, and less prone to hackers, virus attacks, crashes, and data corruption than a Windows server would be.
  3. This site is not filled with bloated graphics that waste Internet bandwith and take forever to load. All of the pictures used on this site are of the appropriate size, format, and resolution for the application so that they work efficiently.
  4. This site does not have any gratuitous glitz to slow things down. This means that all of the graphics that are used actually add value to the site. Graphic images are not used instead of text, to show off, or "just because".
  5. This site does not depend on Javascript. This web site may use Javascript to provide additional functionality, but the pages will still function properly if you turn Javascript off.
  6. This site is written to established standards. It does not try to exploit non-standard proprietary extensions that work in some browsers and not in others. Therefore you will not see anywhere on this site "best viewed with XXX browser". If a web site is built properly, and to the standards, it should work best with ANY browser that also complies with the standards. So the only reason for saying "best viewed with ..." on your site is if you know your site isn't built right.
  7. This site uses clear, easy to follow navigation buttons and links. It does not hide links from you by hiding them under pictures, or having menues that appear and disappear. Making someone search for the links by forcing them to point at everything on the page just to see if something happens is called "mystery meat navigation". You didn't like "mystery meat" in your school lunches, and it is awful on web pages, too. So everything on this site is clear and easy to use.
  8. This site does not use frames. In most cases, frames are just a bad idea. Frames are definitely not appropriate for this site.
  9. This site does not require proprietary plugins that are not available for everyone. (Such as Flash, RealAudio, etc.) Doing so would unnecessarily restrict and discriminate against many internet users. Many users, for example, cannot, do not want to, or are not allowed to use the Macromedia Flash plugin, but they can download a flash file and play it with a standalone flash player. Having the plugin should never be a requirement.
  10. This site uses Cascading Style Sheets rather than embedded formatting tags. This means that the pages are smaller, load faster, are easier to manage, and have a consistent look throughout the site.