About David

David began working in the electronics and computer industry in 1978. He has a degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. His hardware expertise is in system architecture, digital and analog circuit design, telephone systems, medical electronics, super computers, embedded systems, disk subsystems, video subsystems, and networks. In addition to his work with supercomputers and mainframes, he has also designed with x86, 68K, PIC, 8035, and Z80 architectures. He also has experience with ASIC design and development, FCC and CE compliance, and radiation effects in electronic circuits.

Although David's primary software expertise is in operating systems, device drivers, and system utilities, he also has extensive experience with database systems, CAD programs, hardware simulators, emulators, and network software. For programming languages, David has used C, PL/I, PL/M, Pascal, Fortran, Java, x86 assembler, PIC assembler, 8035 assembler, Z80 assembler, REXX, Perl, Javascript, and PHP. Somewhere between hardware and software, David has written quite a bit of microcode, which makes him probably one of the few people who actually knows what that is.

David's experience with operating systems is diverse as well. He as used VMS, MVS, COS, CTSS, OS/2, ISIS, MacOS, OS X, CP/M, RMX, Aegis, NewtonOS, DOS, Windows, Unix, and Linux.

David also has experience and expertise building and maintaining web sites. He has built several sites for customers which he no longer maintains. These are in addition to the sites currently under his care.